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People burn at Wembley Stadium dream analysis

THE DREAM - I am looking at Wembley football stadium. Its World War Two. The crowd is dying in great numbers. They are like pictures burning rather like the opening sequence to the history program "The World at War".

GUESSWORK The dreamer had become very very depressed. He was unable to cope being around people at all.

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1. The dream features something that just could not have happened. People were not allowed to gather together in World War Two in football stadiums. Crowds were not allowed. At the time the dreamer could not cope with being in crowds of people. Perhaps this is a symbol for that.
2. Watching football is a form of relaxation. Here something really bad happens so this maybe shows that the dreamer was unable to enjoy life. All forms of relaxation were causing problems.
3. War is a symbol for the dreamers mood. He had entered a warlike mood. Life felt like a real battle in which terrible things could happen.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the the dreamers deep depression. Its easy to see how the dream deals with the following themes:
- problems with relaxation and enjoyment.
- A warlike mood as you undergo terrible hardship.
- Problems with crowds.

If you weave together the different themes then you find that the dream could easily capture this following thought that the dreamer felt -"My depression has got worse. I now feel unable to enjoy anything at all. I cannot mix with people."

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