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A dream interpretation about walls moving

Dreams portray the reality of your emotions so this dream often reoccurred at times when the dreamers mental health was not good.

THE DREAM I was in this large room and was thinking to myself how comfortable I felt. I suffer from claustrophobia. But gradually the walls started moving inwards and as they do I get younger.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from claustrophobia and would often get these dreams as key periods when she was suffering from anxiety.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often linked to current events and situations. They often represent the dreamers own assessment of how they are coping. Here the dream represents the dreamers own assessment of how she is coping. The walls closing in represent the belief that she is not coping well. She is getting younger and so represents immaturity and with that the lack of ability to cope.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
WALLS MOVE INWARDS: The claustrophobia represents the dreamers own assessment of how she was coping with matters.
GETTING YOUNGER: Again linked to the dreamers own assessment of how she was coping. She was comparing herself to how she coped as a younger child.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not coping as well as I could. I seem to be reverting back to my worst periods."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers assessment about how she was coping with life's pressures at that time.

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