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Reckless driving - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was driving along a road. There was a friend in the next seat. She was telling me how easily and fast the car was travelling. The car was going very fast yet it was also skidding and turning quite recklessly

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was due to see his therapist. She had been trying to push him into making various improvements to his life. He did however, feel very ill at the time and was uncomfortable at the speed with which his therapist was moving.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams record our worries. Often we think back to yesterday to reflections that worried us from yesterday. Often we worry about events and meetings about to take place. In this place the dreamer was looking forward to the next day. When he had the dream he associated the friend with his therapist. It felt like her. So its fair to assume that the dream was about his thoughts about his meeting with his therapist the next day. He did feel that she was moving too quickly and that she was not really on the same wavelength. He was emphasizing problems that could not be overcome whilst she was trying to cover problems the dreamer did not think were relevant to his immediate situation.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "The dreamers journey through life"
CAR SKIDS : "The dreamers therapist is pushing him into moving too quickly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am meeting my therapist tomorrow - I feel that she moves too quickly and is trying to get me to do things before I am ready"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight about a meeting about to happen the next day

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