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Eton College - dream symbols

THE DREAM I was trying to navigate my way through some field. It was night time. Some people had draped some sort of towels over sticks to divide the field. This was to help guide people through the field in the dark. I navigated my way through.

The path ended at a road. This was the entrance to Eton College( a very exclusive school in England). I was peering at the students. It seemed very intimidating. I was crouching down hiding whilst looking at the scene.

THE REALITY The dreamer was getting depressed because he had nothing to do. He was considering starting a college course. But he felt intimidated by college students. He suffered anxiety when meeting new people.

THE INTERPRETATION If the dreamer was thinking about one thing the night before then its likely that the dream is about that one thing. This dreamer was thinking about how to cope with depression. He had thought about starting a college course to occupy himself. How could this dream represent his exact feelings?

The dream captured his emotional state. He was so depressed that he was unable to really make decisions. The darkness represented his own emotional state - depression and his own inability to navigate his way out of this.

The Eton College represents his thoughts about one possible choice - he was thinking of starting a college course. Eton is an intimidating place and very exclusive. The dreamer was scared of starting a college course.

Dream Dictionary Symbols
ETON : "The dreamer was thinking of starting a college course but felt nervous and intimidated by education"
DARK: "The dreamer was suffering from deep depression and was unable to see clearly ahead"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I have been very depressed recently. I know I have to get something organized. I might go to college to fill my time in. "

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to capture a key feeling from the night before

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