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A nice warm bed - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I am tidying up. The place does not seem so bad after all. I then see this nice warm bed. Its always kept at a nice temperature like its got a heating blanket on it.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from depression.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams mark changing points. In real life the dreamer was less depressed. This showed up with the two symbols in the dream in particular. He felt able to tidy up much more and was happier in bed. He had particularly felt depressed in bed but now he was starting to enjoy his own company again.

Symbolic Meanings
TIDY UP : "I am starting to get organised at home again and starting to tidy up in real life"
WARM BED : "I was suffering bad depression at night time but now I can stay at home and not get as depressed. I do not get depressed whilst in bed as much. I feel much happier in my own company"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am starting to turn the corner. I was getting terribly untidy and particularly depressed at night but now I feel much better"

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