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Singing candle in the wind - precognitive dream

No one would ever have linked Princess Diana to the song "Candle in the wind" before she died. Yet after her death Elton John sang this song at her funeral.

THE DREAM I dreamt of Sir Elton John singing "Candle in the wind" repeatedly.

THE REALITY Days later Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash. Her funeral a week later featured Sir Elton John singing a revised version of "Candle in the wind". It was number one in the charts for months(yes months) and in the UK was the biggest ever selling single.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream is obviously a possible premonition of that fateful car crash. It is unusual to dream about famous people and the events in their lives. However, in this case this was a major event which had an impact on ordinary people. Such an unexpected death hit everyone and since she was such an icon of goodness she a death was a terrible waste. This was very much a moment which people remember. It made people reflect intensely on the course of their won life. Suddenly grown men were sharing their emotions. Many people claim to have had premonitions of her death.

This dream is more an instance of syncronicity as it was such a coincidence that this song became so important within a very short period of time.

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