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Nightmares prior to 9-11 terror attacks

It is a pity that dream forums were not really going at the time of 9-11. Certainly many people report premonition dreams linked to this momentous day.

THE DREAM - I had the two worst nightmares of my life on the night before the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11th. Strangely the night before I had seen planes flying low and thought about them. Also just before I turned off my TV that night a news report came on about President Bush and I felt this feeling in my mind and gut that something bad was going to happen to our country. That night I had two powerful dreams. I woke up at 1:59 am pacific and my dream was just 2 bright flashes of light. Like explosions in my face and it threw my body. I woke up shaking and bouncing on the bed and my sisters dog Pheobe was jumping up next to me at the bed. Like as if I was shaking in the bed for a while during the dream and Phoebe woke and got startled and came over to me. When I came to in a probably a split second I hopped right out of bed and ran out to the backyard. I didn't even know why I did this but felt some urge to run. Phoebe was going crazy jumping at me all the way outside. I calmed down and went back in to bed.

At 3:00 am I had a second dream. I was in a tall building with glass windows all around. I was panicky and couldn't get out. All of a sudden dark faced men were breaking the windows in the building and attempting to get in. I felt I was going to die. I turned to front of me and my mom was at a desk looking at me. I ran over and this is when I knew I was dreaming. I kept pleading with her to hit me and to wake me up and get me out of this dream.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up around 9am. He went straight to the kitchen and saw a message on the answering machine. It was from his mom saying "Ryan if YOUR AWAKE put on the TV. Something horrible just happened to our country". He went to the TV and right then 2 plane hit.

THE INTERPRETATION Major events can be viewed in a very personal way. If you believe in premonitions then September 11th was a likely day to generate one. Often if a dream is going to come true then it will come true immediately the next day. So studies of the dreams people had the night before are very interesting. Its easy to see how this dream was a premonition. The dreams were described as the worst two dreams of the dreamers life.

The symbols also appear to be very consistent with the event. The two flashes representing the two planes crashing. The dream was also linked on a personal level with the dreamers mother because she was the person to tell him of the attacks. The dream also featured a tall building - surely symbol for the huge Twin Towers. The dream also seems to have picked up on the emotions of the people inside the World trade Centre as they realised their fate.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
TWO FLASHES: These represented the two planes to hit the twin towers
MEN BREAKING IN: These probably represent the terrorists.
TALL BUILDING: A symbol for the World Trade Centre
MOM: Personally the incident was linked to his mother because he found out about it via his mother.

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