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Chased by a shark dream

Try to see how this dream links to the dreamers thoughts just before going to sleep.

THE DREAM I had this dream about me and a couple friends. It first started out that we were on a boat. It was some sort of party. Maybe a "ball" like thing? Not really sure. So then, I was dancing and there was a jerk on the boat. I looked around and didn't see any people I knew. So I decided to go up top. So as I was going up, there was another jerk. I asked what was going on and this girl told me that we were trying to out run a shark. I looked back and saw the sharks fin. It freaked me out. So then I ask why we don't just shoot it or something and she told me that we had the supplies to kill a whale but not a shark. She said that someone told her that this boat is sometimes attacked by sharks and all the time by whales. We're getting closer to the shore. As we're going in, the boat is shrinking and shrinking. We're going insanely fast and it is getting harder and harder to hold on to the top of the boat but I can't go back down. I'm sliding back and forth on the top, trying not to fall in the water. We start to pull into a shore like thing and it is "L" shaped. We get onto the shore and everyone jumps off. Except my friend Molly. She was knocked down and a guy was stuck. Apparently the guy was supposed to get stuck so that the shark could eat something and won't keep on chasing us. Molly was still there and I went to grab her. Everyone told me to stay and forget her. I said no and went to grab her. The shark jump up and bites right on the boat and the guy. The boat is now small. The shark is pulling it out and Molly is freaking out. Crying and screaming. The shark just pulls it out suddenly and is swimming away with it. I start to run towards the part that starts turning on the "L". I get there and the shark stopped to get something on the other side of the shore thing. He saw us and raced back. I'd gotten Molly and we were running in water about to our knees. a tad higher. As we're wading through the water the shark is getting closer. the guy that was stuck started to un-air the boat. (by now it was a floaty thing) and everyone on the shore was cheering. Then the shark just ate him in one gulp. His fix was on us now. There were a bunch of cars blocking us as we went to the shore so that we wouldn't get eaten. We ended up getting to the shore with the shark not to far behind. And we were teasing the shark and saying that he couldn't get us, since we were on dry land. Then I could see us as if it were a movie and I saw the shark jump with his mouth open. then I woke up. I don't know if he ate us or not. I'm guessing not.

THE REALITY The dreamer read a friends journal and in it she had said some bad things about the dreamer. Since then he has lost all trust in her. The night before the dream he wrote about it half an hour before falling asleep.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams link to important and key emotions. If a dream is highly emotional it may link to the key feelings from the day before. Simply spot these key feelings and see how they are repeated in dreams. In this case the dreamer was thinking about a friend whom he had lost faith in. He was writing about this just half an hour before going to sleep. The shark represents his wish to avoid the kinds of bad emotions that he associates with this friend. Its noticeable that the shark ends up being teased. This shows that the dreamer was feeling a lot more positive about the situation. It mimics his own thoughts as he gets negative feelings out of his system.

The jerks are a little difficult to interpret. Perhaps he is recognising some jerk like behavior in himself which has been written about in the journal he read.

Symbolic Meanings
JERK : Possibly this represents the bad comments written about him. That he is trying to get away from descriptions of himself as a jerk
JERK : Possibly symbolic of his friend acting in jerk like way.
SHARK : Hidden dangers. Trying to avoid scary emotions
TEASING : The dream ends in a positive note with the shark being laughed at - symbolic of the dreamer turning around his mood and feeling positive about himself and negative thoughts about his friend.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate her for saying those things about me in her journal. I was writing about this just before going to sleep."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together and clearly link to the dreamers emotions just half an hour before going to sleep.

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