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Dream - disaster earthquake hits Washington

THE DREAM I dreamed that my husband and I were in our parked vehicle (I was in the driver's seat) and there was an earthquake, or other type of natural disaster, causing the land around us to flow by- almost like mountains of lava. Somehow, our vehicle stood firm amidst the flowing earth, but we couldn't ignore the people, land and cars that where flowing by on the right and left sides of our car. We were aware that there was some sort of disaster going on, but didn't know what it was. We didn't hear the "official word" of what was happening, like "we are experiencing an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 focused in western Washington" so we felt we needed an explanation. We never got the explanation. However, we felt perfectly safe in our car. We watched with amazement at the suffering that was moving rapidly by our windows literally inches away from us. It looked as though the world was coming to an end. About that time, we became aware that we were parked near the Washington State Capitol building. We watched as it crumbled in the midst of the flowing earth and like everything else, flowed by in waves of earth, people, homes and cars.

THE REALITY This dream occurred just two days before the US suffered the catastrophic economic meltdown which triggered massive losses to just about everyone and has devastated, the stock market and the credit industry. The dreamer believed the dream to be a premonition because she and her husband had been relatively unaffected by the crisis. They did experience a reduction in their retirement funds. However,they felt it was an excellent time to buy homes for investment purposes.

DREAM SYMBOLISM This dream seems to certainly link to the crisis about to occur in the stock markets and banking system. The economy did face a seismic shock to the system. The dreamer felt that this was a premonition as they did feel relatively unaffected by the crisis. It is difficult to verify this. Its always impossible to truly tell the meaning of a dream. This crisis was an ongoing situation. The economy was already suffering badly as the aircraft industries around the world have been devastated. Yet the crisis was very surprising. It did happen suddenly and it a pivotal moment. Things were really very fluid and could easily have got much worse. But it is really quite possible that this dream was a premonition. It is easy to argue it was just a coincidence.

An alternative explanation could link to how the dreamer was perceiving the economic situation as it was building up. The dreamer seems separated from the devastation around her. Maybe this symbolized the difficulty of comprehending the meaning of a crisis. Life was going on. But life changing processes were taking place. We know bad things are happening yet day to day life was going on.

Ultimately it is impossible to truly tell the meaning of this or any dream. We can guess. Yet when two possible explanations conflict we cannot truly tell one way or another. The mind retains its secrets.

Symbolic Meanings
EARTHQUAKE : a devastating economic crisis about to happen
UNAFFECTED : "The dreamer was relatively unaffected by the crisis"
WASHINGTON : "A symbol of the political and economic capital. Central to the coming crisis"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I believe that the dream was a premonition of the coming economic crisis. We were relatively unaffected "

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