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Police, FBI detectives remove documents from my house dream symbolism

THE DREAM - I had a dream that I came home or at least I guess it was home. It certainly was not my house currently. But, there was a guy waiting in the lobby of this apartment building. He appeared to be a friend. I went to my door and there was trash laying in front of it. Like old drinking cups and things. The friend came up to the apartment with me and when we got inside he told me that the FBI and Police had been there and that they had posted something on the front door of the apartment building. I made up an excuse of why they would have been there. I went down to get it and it looked like there were two documents taped to the door but when I got around to where they were it was actually a book and several post-it notes on the door. I removed them and I read the post-it notes and it gave me a detectives name, but the book I could never understand why it was there or remember what page it was opened to. I was on my way back upstairs and I looked back and I saw all of these vehicles starting to scream up in front. I continued walking up the stairs and the dream ended. They never arrested me or even came near me before the dream ended. The funny part is that before I dreamed that I had another dream that I was in a jail or something and there were people there and there was also a guy sitting there in his car. I take it the car was in the jail with him. We kept making fun of him and asking him if it had much mileage on it, knowing he couldn't drive it far because of being in jail.

THE REALITY The dreamer stated that "I am in the middle of a very nasty law suit that I should not even be involved in. I have been worried about that. I have even been worried about them going and trying to bug my house and phones. "

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was a preacher in real life and was involved in a very nasty lawsuit. Dreams in houses tend to link to our own personalities. This dream is probably symbolic of the effects of this law suit on this dreamer. Throughout the dream the dreamer feels under surveillance. It may indeed be the case that he is under surveillance in real life as this was a high profile case. But the dream captures the sense that he feels unable to act naturally. Whilst he is under pressure he feels like he needs to be careful about everything he does. So even if he is not actually in jail then he feels like he is being watched and feels trapped.

The house is not his own and that really does show that he is not really about to act naturally right now. He is not trying to draw attention to himself and is acting as cautiously as possible. That's because of the pressure of the lawsuit.

Symbolic Meanings
APARTMENT : "your approach to some issue on your mind"
APARTMENT : "your thoughts about how you are adapting to pressures upon you"
ARREST : "The dreamers fear of arrest in real life"
BUILDING : "a construction of your mind"
BUILDING : "a thought that you mind organises and constructs"
FBI : "feeling as if you are under surveillance"
JAIL : "a feeling of being trapped - in this case even a real life fear of being jailed"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am involved in a very nasty lawsuit right now. I get the feeling that I am under surveillance and am starting to get paranoid about it all."

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own situation

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