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Dogs chasing leopard dream

THE DREAM It was winter and it was night time, there was no clouds in the sky and the ground was covered in thick shiny snow. I must have lived in the country because I had no neighbors, no fence, and my backward turned into a thick forest. My house was huge and light colored, it had a 2 tiered wooden deck that went to the back yard. In the dream I was talking to someone (the person had no face, name, body, but I believe it was a male) and telling the person that their was a leopard in the woods. The person did not believe me so I got a flash light and right at the edge of the forest we both saw a leopards thick tail disappear into the forest. I then gave the person a I told you so speech and we both went inside. I then began to wrestle around with a fawn Great Dane and Grayish colored Pit bull ( I have no dogs in real life) in front of the fire. Then for some reason I got up and let them outside, immediately both dogs went running towards the forest barking and growling. In the dream I see no fight just black shadows moving and barking. I was yelling encouraging things to my dog to get the cat and destroy it, then I started yelling for them to come back. My dream then goes to a close up of the dogs, the leopard was gone but the pit bull was hurt on the ground and wasn't moving. The Great Dane some how nudges the dog up and then the dream goes back to my perspective. I see the dogs limping and bloody walk up the stair come into the house and lie down in front of the fire.

THE REALITY Earlier in the day, the dreamer had tried to talk to a friend about why she was being so distant which went no where. Also, the dreamer had been suffering from a little bit of depression.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams following some big incident can be easy to explain. In this case the dreamer had been frustrated after trying to resolve a problem with a friend. So how could this dream be consistent with that?

Firstly the dream shows the dreamer being assertive. That surely mimics real life where she was really trying to resolve a problem with her friend. She had made a real effort after spotting a problem. The leopard symbolizes the problem that needs dealing with.

The dogs symbolize her own attempts to solve the problem. The dogs are fighting dogs showing her own mood - an assertive and confrontational mood aimed at solving a problem. The dogs are injured which show that this attempt at resolving a problem has left her feeling down. Her feelings were a little hurt and injured just like the dogs.

The winter and woods symbolize the nature of the problem. Winter is cold and bleak and can be symbolic of cold and in this case distant emotions.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
GREAT DANE and PIT BULL: "The dreamers attempts to confront her friend were like a pit bull - aggressive"
LEOPARD: "The dreamers perception of the situation - a somewhat elusive and difficult to see problem - her friend was a little distant"
WINTER: "symbolic of her own mood - cold and depressed"
HUGE HOUSE: "huge houses often link to other people and how they are affecting you."
I TOLD YOU SO: "The dreamer felt SHE KNEW what the problem was."
INJURED DOGS: "The dreamer had attempted to resolve the situation but her failure left her feeling a little depressed"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know there is a problem but she just blocked me. I know she is becoming distant. It has left me feeling a little hurt and depressed."

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers own mood brought on by a conversation with a friend

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