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Dream symbols - executed in hospital

Think of how dreams could portray conceptual thoughts. In this dream the dreamer was in "sick clothes" and so we might guess that the dream was about his illness. After detailed analysis we find that the dream portrayed the thought "I have an important interview and I am am sick. I worry I will not be able to make a good impression"
THE DREAM My dream begins in a hospital. I am dressed in white sick room clothes, there are two other young men in similar clothes in the room. There are four beds and the predominant colour in the room in white. I am pacing the room always aware that I am about to be hanged to death! The noose hangs near one of the beds and I seem to have the option of walking away from the noose but something keeps forcing me to the noose. Finally one of the other men puts on a white hangman's mask and signals me to the noose. I walk to the noose and suddenly images of my family flash across my head and I firmly refuse to be hanged, throw the hospital clothes off and walk out of the room. Needless to say the initial feeling was of fear, hopelessness, loneliness and everything that goes with it. When I walked away from the noose, I woke up from sleep and felt VERY happy.

THE REALITY The dreamer was facing an important interview in two days. He was suffering from an ailment. He was worried that he maybe ill and not able to put his case across well.

THE INTERPRETATION dream will quite often be about some prominent emotions from the day before. Other dream are about the future and how we are relating to some problem. In this case the dreamer was desperate to get better because he was due to have an interview. Just like in the dream he was desperate to shed his hospital clothes. He knew that if he was ill he would probably not get the job. He had to be at his best.

An execution is very much like a deadline in some ways. An execution takes place at a set time on a set day(just like a job interview). The time up until the execution would pass slowly and painfully.

Dream Symbols
BED : "something that affects you in a very personal way - in this case its about health"
CLOTHES : "how you feel inside - the signals you send out on any particular day or during some situation - in this case the dreamer is feeling ill"
DEATH : "moving into a new phase"
EXECUTE : "a date you are dreaming - in this case a deadline for getting better"
HOSPITAL : "in this case a need to recover from this illness"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to get well because I have an job interview in two days time. I just will not get the job otherwise"

See how the symbolic meanings form together to capture a key thought

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