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Horses stampede - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was the passenger in a car, and the car kept losing speed because of some power loss that for some reason was my fault or responsibility, suddenly it would regain power and speed up again (for no reason) until it lost power again. Then the road turned into a dirt road, and we were sure we were lost (male driver, whom I don't know) From dirt road it turned into a dirt trail, and finally into a dirt path, so we stopped to try to figure out where we were. At that time I heard shots fired, and saw many horses (or donkeys, don't know) that were being chased by cowboys who were shooting and making them run and stampede in our direction. As they got closer I noticed the "cowboy horses" had the saddle and were doing the chasing, but there were no cowboys, there was nobody riding these horses. Eventually the chased horses stampeded into some very high and pointy sand dunes were they got stuck and could no longer run. At that moment I woke up

THE REALITY The dreamer was a 50 year old man currently separated and going towards a possible divorce. He was also about to lose his job due to the company closing down.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is actually quite difficult to interpret dreams. But dreams do give you good clues. They will often link to recent events and situations in your life. This dreamer had some big changes going on in his life so its fair to say that these would be shaping his thoughts right now and dominating his mind.

It is easy to imagine what the emotions are he is feeling. Stampedes could easily link to his general life situation which seems chaotic with problems in his personal relationships and within his job. A stampede symbolises moments when things get out of hand and anything can happen. Horses are unpredictable creatures and can link to unpredictable events. This certainly captures this dreamers situation as he is probably going to lose his job so his has obvious fears over that.

Yet the one good thing is that the stampede loses its momentum and so could suggest that the dreamer feels as if life is settling down a little. Before he had maybe become paranoid and had a feeling that his life was spiralling out of control.

Dreams capture our immediate thoughts and at times this dreamer would be justified in thinking that life seemed to be drifting uncontrollably.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "the dreamers progress and direction in life"
GUN SHOTS : "sensing danger "
PASSENGER SEAT : "the dreamer is not in the driving seat so feels his life is drifting off in ways he cannot control - he is losing his marriage and also his job"
SAND DUNES : "the stampede loses momentum - the worst has passed"
STAMPEDE : "a sense that anything can happen as the horses will run in unpredictable ways. Losing his job may spiral and things will get worse"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts within the dreamer - "Life is treating me really badly at the moment. I seem to be heading towards divorce and also I am about to lose my job. I do not seem to be in control and life seems as if its spiralling out of control at times. I think I am getting my head together - a couple of days ago I was worried about just how bad things would become. One thing can lead to another."

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