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Hairdresser - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was walking around an unfamiliar town, but in my dream it was the town where I lived. I walked towards a square and I knew it was very early in the morning, but I decided to have my hair cut. After talking to the hairdresser, I found myself on top of a very high building, and I was looking at the sea. The sea was very strange, big waves were curling and lifting in the air, and I remember telling my mother "it's so good we're high up and the water cannot drown us". As soon as I said these words, the sea rushed into the town and the waves were getting huge, sometimes blue sometimes red, and they would crash at my feet or all around me but no water was touching me, so I felt safe. Then I was on an air-bed with my mother and a small baby, the water surrounded us and the air-bed went as high up as the wave, and when the wave was crushing down I told the baby: "Hold the air bed tight with your hands and everything will be all right".

THE REALITY The dreamer had just become pregnant unexpectedly. This was causing major mood swings. She was having to face having her first baby and did not really know what was expected.

THE INTERPRETATION The secret to understanding dreams is to know what is likely to trigger a dream. Here the dreamer had just become pregnant so the dream is likely to link to some feelings linked to that very important issue. We get a mixed set of feelings in such cases. One easy way to start understanding the dream is the skyscraper. Skyscrapers are like gauges in that they test how good we feel about something. In this case the skyscraper signifies how she feels elated at her own pregnancy. It could also be symbolic of how others feel about her - she feels more confident due to the respect she

The tidal wave is a symbol linked specifically to feelings. It often links to moments when we have strong feelings and these are overcoming and dominating our thoughts. It shows we are not perhaps thinking rationally but more with our hearts. In talking this through the dreamer realised that having a baby does make her feel good yet it also is a subject which she has absolute no skills with. This is her first baby and people tend to naturally think that women can look after babies but this is far from the case - many of the skills are learnt. The dreamer was feeling nervous and apprehensive. In theory the birth would be wonderful yet in practice she was worried she would not cope.

The dream ends with her mother saying that "everything will be all right". So she knows that she can depend on her mother and other people for support.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "something that affects the dreamer very much - in this case having a baby will transform her life"
DROWN : "overwhelmed by issue"
WAVE : "thoughts which have no proper basis in reality - unsupported by any facts - the dreamer is swept away by praise yet in reality its going to be hard work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just become pregnant. Everyone is showering me with praise but deep down I am not sure if I will be a good mother. Being a mother is a big responsibility and I do not know the first thing. It will also be very hard work."

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