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Secret rooms - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in some place which is far away. I am asking someone where I am. I know I am near Redcar. I have obviously been travelling. Yet I simply had no clue where I was.

Later on in the dream I was in a house. It had recently been refurbished. I had just started to explore secret portions of this house. Apartments and rooms which I knew existed but had never used. I notice that even this section was filled with beautiful new furniture. Yet I also noticed that some thing had been stolen. It was a beautiful house full of fantastic new furniture.

THE REALITY Just recently life had been very hectic for the dreamer. The builders had been in his home refurbishing it. This work was now all but complete. The dreamer was beginning to reflect on life in general. The work was almost over giving him a chance to think about things rather than be caught in the moment dealing with building work. He had also recently formed new friendships allowing him to visit new places.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams tend to have their origin in recent events. Look for how symbols can relate to reality. In real life this dreamer had recently had his house renovated. The building work had been quite invasive and had really taken over his home. This was now virtually complete and was due to end the next day. So the refurbished house in the dream probably simply relates to his own home which had been refurbished.

The early part of the dream can be seen to relate to reality. He had recently formed new friendships which in turn had allowed him to travel much more widely. He was interested in photography. This travel had allowed him to visit lots of new places and take photos. Being in a place you have never visited is a good thing in photography. Its fresh and interesting.

The dream dealt with one thing that the dreamer could not figure out on waking up. The items being stolen in the house. The refurbished house seemed to make a lot of sense. That was easily interpreted. Yet the stolen items seemed to fit in less easily. The next day the dreamer started to think more about one or two items which appeared to have gone missing during the building work. He realised that a camera had gone missing. That day he started to look extensively for this. It was not found and later had to be reported to the police.

All dreams need to fit into a category. This dream seems to deal with two different subjects which is very uncommon for dreams(if accurately interpreted). Yet the dream does make sense. The building work was over now allowing the dreamer to reflect in general. Already forming in the mind were thoughts about his newly refurbished home and his recent increase in travel. Also starting to surface was worries about this camera going missing which the dreamer had so far dismissed. It had not been seen for a few days but the dreamer continually put this to the back of his mind. He felt sure sure it would turn up.

This dream then makes sense. When we have building work it takes over our lives. It means that we cannot sit and think about life in general. When it finishes we can then obviously reflect on what's new.

Symbolic Meanings
HOUSE REFURBISHED : "the dreamer had recently had the builders in "
STOLEN ITEMS : "The dreamer had noticed items had gone missing during the building work and was in denial about this. The next day he made a full search and later reported the missing items to the police. "
FAR AWAY PLACE: "The dreamer had formed new friendships which had allowed him also to travel more widely and see places he had never visited."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This building work has almost finished now. I can now take stock of how things are generally. I know life is getting better. These renovations at home should make life more comfortable. Also, I am starting to enjoy some new friendships and that is allowing me to visit the countryside more. I am visiting new and exciting places which is great because I am interested in photography."

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