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Ex turns off intersection - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I was driving my car on the highway and was headed for work. I was the only one in the car and the highway was smooth with just the slightest curve. When I got to the exit ramp, I saw my Ex in a grey car with a guy named Chad. Chad is a guy that I've seen in school but I don't know personally and he has no connection with my Ex. Anyway, they were right across the intersection, she turned right, and I turned left. That was it

THE REALITY The dreamer recently broke with his girlfriend and was a bit down about it. He could back together with her but wasn't sure if that was wise.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer felt that even though he had broken up with his girlfriend there was a hope he could get back together with her if he wished. So this dream probably represents the final decision in his mind. Her car is grey which is an uninspiring colour - that probably symbolises how he feels as if he still has no feelings for her. She is with Chad - a guy from school who has no connection with his Ex. So perhaps Chad symbolises the dreamers wish to be like Chad - and have no connection with his Ex. Finally they go their own separate ways showing that the decision is now final in his mind and he has no regrets.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "the direction that you are going in life"
EXIT : "ready to finish the relationship"
HIGHWAY : "the way you go through life - the things you do and how you do them"
INTERSECTION : "a crossroads in your life - time to make a final decision"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I could easily get back together with my ex girlfriend but I think we have both gone our own ways now"

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