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Graveyard and cemetery dream

THE DREAM - I am in this graveyard - I see various graves. When I wake up I think of various characters in a TV reality show I had enjoyed watching - it had just ended

THE REALITY The dreamer had been watching a TV reality program non stop. When this finished there was a hole in her life.

THE INTERPRETATION Graveyards can symbolise the end of some period of your life. The previous night a TV reality show had just ended. The dreamer had watched this every night. Now it was gone it was a big shock to her routine.

Symbolic Meanings
GRAVEYARD : "a need to move on from something - in this case a need to find something to fill the space of a TV show now ended"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really enjoyed that TV reality show. It seemed to become part of my life in the two weeks it ran. I will really miss it."

See how the symbolic meanings capture some recent change that the dreamer is adapting too

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