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Car crashed and smashed up - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was in a car, riding around in some mountainous and lightly-populated areas, summer but not shiny at all (autumn maybe?) My dad was driving, and on the front passenger seat was my Mom. To my left was my younger brother and to the right, some unknown kid (I later found out was some friend of my brother). We were riding on those roads, going somewhere. No idea where though. Lots of hills and turns so the road shifted a lot. At one place there was a small hill/bump and directly after it a strong 90 degrees right S turn. We drove at a decent speed, like my dad always do (keeping the limit) but this surprise was too much. Directly after that hill. Coming down the hill/bump, at speeds that was too high, we got off course. Luckily it was just flat grass there. Unluckily there was a mountain wall straight forward to us. Father tried to turn right and get us onto the S shaped road to the right, but I already knew we would slam into the mountain wall and we did. It felt strange. Like being hit by a bumper car from the left, times ten, then everything was in slow motion. Car spinning, I couldn't see anything could feel the g force of the spin. I felt sad for my father, and the car I know he has always liked a lot. But I also worried about the edge/ravine that was to the right of the S turn, I thought that we might end up down there. But we didn't, and after the crash, and spin, the car stopped at all four wheels and we got out. To check the damages (which was minimal for this kind of accident). I walked around the car evaluating the damages. Back, front and right side had small scratches in them on the paint job (from the spin), and the right side had a small mark on it, shaped like some alien sign (some Japanese sign maybe), maybe 1,5m high and 5 cm wide. Father said the car was screwed. I told him he only needed to get the car a paint job on the sides, and fix the metal and paint on the right side. I also asked about insurance. And he said: "No, they said they will only pay our loans" (I guess loans on the car). He looked sad and disappointed (I always hate seeing him like that) and continued down the S road to go to a telephone kiosk. Then, for some reason we all got back into the car again, except dad of course who was at the kiosk. Mom drove the car now (which somehow worked) and me and my brother and that random dude discussed the damages. After maybe one minute I asked mom what the hell she was doing, leaving dad behind? I also asked the other two why the hell they didn't notice. Mom drove back the way we came from, and into some city. She was strange somehow, and drove way above the limit, and she smashed into some other car or wall I think, and I got upset and asked what the fuck was wrong with her. She sped into the city, driving on the wrong side of the road. Then turning right and driving off-road. Crashed the car again, turned back the way we came, drove against a red light. I said: "What the hell is wrong with you, can you slow down? I'll tell dad that you went insane and crashed the car twice and drove against a red light". She wouldn't listen, but continued to drive around in that city. The dream changed focus then, and the last seconds of it, it showed some motorcycle guys (4 or 5) toying around with the police. The police tried to catch them but they just drove around, U turned a lot and jumped off overpasses and stuff.

THE REALITY The dreamers little brother told the dreamer that his father almost had a car accident just some 12 hours before the dream. It was not too serious but it was very close to being a serious one(very nearly a frontal collision). The other driver was driving on the wrong side of the road.

THE INTERPRETATION Car crashes are occasionally symbols in dreams. So even if a car crash occurs in real life we have to decide if this was symbolic of the real life events. In this case its worth looking into the real situation. The dream captures the horror of what appears to be a very real and well described event. It was like it was captured in great detail and so that's one good link. In the dream the wall could symbolise the near head on collision. That would have the similar impact.

One thing in the dream is the way the mother then goes on to have a car crash. That's interesting and in this case it also captures the events as they unfolded in the mind. The event occurred and then a second event occurred but this time purely in the dreamers imagination. Mothers can symbolise our worries and concerns. Here the mother symbolises the dreamers worries that this car accident could have been so easily fatal.

The dream also captures the feeling that the dreamers father was driving responsibly. He was after all not breaking the speed limit.

Of course its up to the dreamer to wonder if this was an act of telepathy or premonition in some way. It may easily have been a premonition even if the event occurred before the dream technically took place. The dreamer did not know of the event and the premonition could refer to the dreamer finding out about something that he had no knowledge of.

Symbolic Meanings
SLOW MOTION : "something happens very very quickly"
MOTHER : "The dreamers concerns and worries that this could have been so much more serious"

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