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Man of my destiny - premonition

The chances of meeting someone with exactly the same astrological chart as in this dream are really quite high.

THE DREAM I woke with a very unremarkable dream about a faceless man. I can't remember the details of this dream - but basically somehow I knew that this man was very important to me - and somewhere in the context of the dream he told/showed me his astrological natal chart. I don't know if you are familiar with astrology - but in this dream this man told me his Sun sign (Scorpio), Moon sign (Cancer) and Rising sign (Aries).

GUESSWORK Months after the dreamer she met a man whom she became attracted to. This was the most intense that she had ever known. She found that his astrology chart was exactly the same as in the dream. One day the man vanished never to be seen again.

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DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be premonitions of events and relationships about to happen in our lives. In this case the man was someone very important but he was not to be the man of her destiny. Dreams will capture events as we feel them at the time. It was an intense relationship at the time and it did feel like a relationship that was destined to be. So the premonition did come true.

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