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Dream - night garden and flowers that shine

Some of our oddest dreams occur when we have complex thought processes

THE DREAM - I had a beautiful dream. I was looking through the window, from my bedroom in my former house. It was night, and I saw a garden outside. Well, it was only the shadows of bushes and trees since it was dark outside, but they were covered with glimmering red flowers that shone beautifully through the garden. I found out I was able to make more flowers shine at my will, these ones were green light green flowers and I was having fun making them "turn on and off" and seeing how beautiful the garden was.

THE REALITY The night before dreamer had to comfort her best friend because his girlfriend broke up again. The dreamer was trying to cheer up the friend but also be sincere about his girlfriend who was playing around with him. It was a tough but fair approach. She was trying to tell her friend that his girlfriend needed to be sorted out. If they were to get back together again she would have to be made to change her ways and stop playing with his feelings.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream seems to relate to thoughts about how the dreamer had had to console her friend about a relationship breakup. Gardens are often symbols of romance and so that definitely relates to this dream. The main connection was the way the dreamer was employing a strategy - it involved being tough yet also was a way of consoling the friend. In the dream that mimics the way flowers shine off and on.

Shining and glimmering often links to looking on the bright side and being optimistic. That is a direct link to the way the dreamer was trying to make the friend feel optimistic.

Quite often emotions are complex. In this case the dreamer had a complex strategy for helping her friend. It was tough but also caring. If a person has a dual approach then it maybe portrayed in a slightly odd way. The dream maybe even refers to the on and off nature of the friends relationship.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "a personal symbol - the dreamer is addressing her friends personal habits and tendencies"
DARK : "in the dark about the future"
GARDEN : "helping her friend grow from the experience"
NIGHT : "not seeing your current situation clearly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My best friend has broken up with his girlfriend again. I tried to comfort him but also tried to help him learn and grow from the experience".

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