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Plead and beg in tidal wave - dream analysis

This tidal wave dream played out the dreamers thoughts the day before that all these people at the funeral she attended will be "swept away" as they were all drug takers and criminals of some kind.

THE DREAM In the dream, I am in this hotel room, watching the news, and there is a story on about a disastrous tidal wave that swept through Africa. In the dream I think wow that's horrible, and go to the window of my room, and I can see a wall of water far into the distance, so I grab my son, and my shoes, and run to tell everyone we have to leave now. Everyone is busy getting drunk, and getting high, and they don't listen, including my mother, I begged and pleaded and cried, pointing out that they would die if they didn't come with me, but no one cared, they all just laughed and acted as though I was overreacting. So I put on my shoes, picked up my little boy, and started down the stair of the hotel. When my foot hit the last step, I was suddenly outside, running for the hills, and reaching the hillside, start scrambling up pulling my son with me, (Think Elijah Wood and LeiLei Sobieski in Deep Impact), and I get to the top with my son and look back. I can see my family, sitting there in plastic lawn chairs drinking, watching as though it can't bother them when the wave crashes over them and heads my way. The wave stops at the peak of the hillside, and my son and I only got our toes wet. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had been to a wake. Her uncle had died in jail. The dreamer had been reflecting on her family. Although she loved her Uncle her was a drug dealer and gun dealer. Of all the people at the wake the dreamer was virtually the only one(barring those of school age) who had not been in jail. Many had alcohol and drug issues. The dreamer had been thinking about the need for salvation and the need to live a good and honest life.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams relate to the day before and views being formed then. Obviously this dream could relate to her feelings at the wake of her uncle. These were of a very religious nature and showed that she very much feeling the need for her family to reform and sweep away the evil path that they were living. Its noticeable that the dreamer and her son are left untouched by this flood. That symbolises her belief that they good will be saved and the evil will be punished. Those who live a life of sin will be swept away. But she does get her toes wet so in some ways she is aware that she is not without sin. She had taken drugs and only escaped jail because she was not caught. But the difference is that she takes salvation seriously.

The dream takes place in Africa. This dreamer was African American so Africa is a symbol of her heritage and her family roots.

In the dream she is ignored and ridiculed. That surely mimics real life where she feels her message is not taken seriously.

Symbolic Meanings
AFRICA : "The dreamers African American roots - her family as a whole that is traced back to Africa"
LAUGHING : "A belief that her religious views are not taken seriously"
SON : "her belief in the children and the innocent"
TIDAL WAVE : "all those who do not seek salvation will be swept away"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had to attend a funeral yesterday. But I realised that virtually all of the congregation had been in prison or done drugs. They have got to realise the importance of religion and save themselves. Otherwise they will be swept away."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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