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Gas Poisoned

THE DREAM A large group of people were with me. We were in a building that looked like a school. In the dream I felt the people were my co-workers, but I didn't recognize anyone in the dream from any of my real life co-workers and I'm not a teacher. We were told to evacuate the building and then were all waiting outside in the parking lot. They brought school buses into the parking lot for the people to wait in. Hours passed and every so often the authorities that were handling the investigation would take a person off the bus if they complained too much. I started to ask questions about when we would be able to leave, but I got the run around. Then I was told to follow one guy that was part of handling the investigation. The bus got larger and became an L shaped hallway. When I followed him around the corner he brought me to another man. That man, had a canister with a spray handle and skinny spout (like an old oil can) he sprayed me in the face with the can and gas came out. I was instantly poisoned, but not physically impaired, just psychologically trapped in my own mind. the dream then became me trying to find ways to get the gas to wear off. I knew everything I was then seeing wasn't reality because all the people on the bus and in the parking lot had disappeared. I was alone on the bus and started to walk around the parking lot. But everyone was gone. I started to yell and scream and curse the guy that gassed me. I yelled "I'm going straight to the police when I wake up, I remember your face, I remember your face!" But no one was around. I (the dream me) had mental flashes of the guy that led me around the corner and the guy that gassed me, but it was as if they were haunting me. I then started to build a tower and climbed the tower and sat there waiting and yelling. Eventually, I had to wake myself up because the dream just felt like it was going no where and felt so real it was scary.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I was restless before I fell asleep. I was thinking of the past and all the past relationships I had been in and how in all the versions of my future I never thought I would end up as happy as I am now.

Posted at October 1, 2012, 22:01 by MissJ (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 2, 2012, 01: 2: 31)
In the UK we have a saying - "You never know what's around the corner". I do not know if you have the same saying in the USA. But your dream perfectly plays this saying out. It completely relates to your thoughts before sleeping. The only strange thing is that you were thinking how well things had turned out.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 6, 2012, 03: 6: 44)
The feeling that you had before sleeping was truly "you never know how things will turn out"

And by portraying something so bad it really gives you that "you never know what's around the corner" feeling.

I would ignore the bad things happening in the dream. They are just the dreams way of expressing this feeling of "you never know what's going to happen"

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