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tornados and numbers dream

Think of dreams as metaphors for real life. This dream of a tornado could be a symbol for the dreamers new born baby. Occasionally the dreamer has to "shelter" from this constant stress.

THE DREAM I had a dream about tornados and a lady aking if I needed shelter. and she said the next time the shelter was going to accept more people was at 10:21. and my sister screamed saying omg mom its 11-11 and we where running and I turned back to get my boyfriend and my newborn daughter...

Posted at December 31, 2011, 08:06 by rae92 (Viewed times)
Unclesirbobby (POSTED December 31, 2011, 18: 6: 49) Tornadoes can represent stress... its your minds way of saying something is as bad as a tornado. I think its obvious what the dream represents... your newborn child. I am sure she screams like a tornado. Most dreams pinpoint some key emotion. In this case things seem to be getting on top of you - momentarily. There seems no respite either because the shelter is not accepting new people after a certain time.

Most dreams represent a key feeling... sometimes from the day before... what key moment pinpointed your feelings the day before... when you felt that same feeling of being unable to get shelter... possibly when you wanted to get help with the baby yet you had missed the time to get help.... ithad already passed

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