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Showing respect and not offending -dream analysis

Look for associations and coincidences. In real life the dreamer had being trying to word something in the right way so as not to offend someone. This theme of "not offending" was mirrored in the dream and thats a good hint that the dream is about this very situation.

THE DREAM I with some members of the RNLI(Royal |National Lifeboat Association). I am being very careful and trying not to offend. Its a worthwhile cause and I am a bit anxious about saying something wrong

GUESSWORK The dreamer was on a web forum the night before and was really stressing about saying something which might offend someone. He knew he had to word his reply as not to offend.
1. The dreamer had once met someone in the Lifeboat Association. He had worried that he had something to offend this person. He had not shown respect for this worthwhile cause. This situation from his past was of direct relevance to the night before. It was an example of him saying something which was inappropriate.
2. Respect. The need to show respect and not to offend people from a worthy cause also had direct relevance to the night before when the dreamer feared showing a lack of respect.

The dream does seem as if it could be linked to the issue mentioned in Guesswork. It seems to cover the following relevant themes.
- A worthwhile cause.
- A need to be careful.

If we place these two themes together the best guess as to its meaning is that the dreamer was thinking the following - "I know what I am like. I remember how I can say things which do not show respect to people who need to be treated correctly".

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