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Dream - Gunman steals mobile phone

THE DREAM I've been having quite a few dreams about birds of late. In the first bird dream, I dreamt that I saw a rather unusual bird sitting on the electric fence surrounding our property. It was multi-coloured but I distinctly remember it having a red back. It didn't fly or do anything in particular, it just sat there with it's back to me. This dream was about two weeks ago when I first discovered my partners friendship with a woman I do not trust.

The second bird dream I dreamt that some juvenile Loeries (an indigenous grey bird in South Africa) were in a parrot cage (they are wild birds and we have these visit from time to time in our garden). Again, they weren't doing anything significant, they were just there.

So last night I dreamt that my female cousin and I walked into a hospital. It was something out of a horror movie though. There was wet blood on the walls and pools of it on the floors. People were everywhere with huge head wounds and missing body parts. I was shielding my eyes from it and very scared of the blood. We walked around the hospital into a room. A very bloodied patient was lying on the bed, with two doctors standing over him holding a jar of teeth that they were sifting through. At the head of the patient's bed was another less bloodied man who was denying that the teeth were his?

My cousin and I then left the room and were walking with our handbags over our shoulders when suddenly four black men started closing in on us. We clutched our hand bags and she looked at me very worried. Then we were up against a wall and a Russian (or Eastern Block origin of some sort) female pulled a gun out of her handbag and pointed it at us demanding our cell phones. She had two large woman on either side of us as and she was in front of us aiming the gun. I didn't want to hand over my phone and asked if she could rather take my watch and wallet instead. She said no, I want cellphones. My cousin asked if she could please just take the numbers off her phone and the woman shoved the gun closer so we handed over the cellphones. I was very distraught in my dream because I had now lost all my contacts and source of communication. In the dream I then sat in my bed and dialled my number and the Russian?? Woman answered saying something about a party and in the dream I could somehow access the photos taken on my phone and they were of her at some or other party. I then told her that I would hunt her down and that when I did find her, I'd kill her (the movie "Taken" comes to mind), she didn't respond and the dream pretty much ends there

As for my cousin being in my dream, we're very close, more like sisters and she's in 80% of my dreams always. No significance there I don't think.

THE REALITY The dreamer and her partner were having a few problems. Her partner had a female friend she doesn't trust and he could not understand why? She recently discovered that he had been socializing with her behind her back and actually lied about it when confronted. He cannot understand why she would want him to end this friendship as there are only platonic feelings from his side. The dreamer believes she has ulterior motives and it frustrates her that he cannot be convinced about her. The day before the last dream they had started to sort things out but he still cannot see what all the fuss is about.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams simply repeat prominent and key thoughts about important issues. This is certainly the case here. The bird in the dreams seem harmless. They are not doing anything but they do have their back turned. That's just a signal that things maybe concealed.

In the last dream the hospital perhaps symbolizes the talks that too place between the dreamer and her partner. Hospitals are places where illnesses are healed and they symbolise the wish to heal the problems which exist in the dreamers relationship with her husband. The hospital is not entirely pleasant and that maybe signifies the dreamers own recognition that things have not gone entirely well.

The main portion of the dream involves a phone being stolen. The phone is a symbol of close communication and its loss signifies the dreamers fear that communication is about to break down between her and her husband.

Symbolic Meanings
SAT WITH BACK TO ME : "The dreamer cannot entirely see what is going on "
BIRD JUST SAT THERE: "The dreamer was aware that nothing was actually going on"
PHONE STOLEN : "The dreamer was worried that communication could break down between her and her partner"
HOSPITAL : "The situation was starting to be sorted out. Any problems between the dreamer and her partner were starting to be healed."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not know what they are up to but I know that I do not trust her. I have tried to talk things out with my partner but I fear that communication might start to break down as he feels my concerns are ridiculous."

See how the dreams symbols capture the dreamers changing feelings about her husbands relationship

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