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Dream - important President

THE DREAM - I was with some important people. There had been some kind of incident and we were important policy makers and politicians influencing big decisions. I knew what had happened. I had assessed the situation and was putting my policies into practice. I was saying to someone that I need to write. I then started writing an essay which was the basis for a letter to the Times. I knew exactly what needed to be said. I was saying also that Blair (or we were saying) that Blair was the man for the job. (Tony Blair being a washed up has been Prime Minister/President. He has been off the scene for years but used to be the most important person in the UK)

THE REALITY The dreamer had been struggling with poor health and mental health and alcoholism problems for years. Just recent he had been showing real signs of recovering some of the ability he had in the past. Now people were used to him failing. During his decline he had started mixing with people who had similar problems. That might soon change and he might surprise people. He had been surprising himself whilst doing some research. He knew what was needed and knew exactly what to do.

THE INTERPRETATION Whilst dreaming we analyse how we have been performing. A dream may link to simple conclusions about the previous day such as "I impressed everyone yesterday" or "I fear I made a fool of myself."

The day before this dreamer had become quite emotionally involved in a new research project and this made him feel like he was recovering some of his former intellectual abilities. The dream reminded him of the good old days when he could act confidently and knew what he was doing. This dream featured that same air of confidence as the dreamer mixed with important people and led the way.

The dreamer noted that people were used to him failing so this must be included as part of the dreams wider meaning. Perhaps the dream links to this exact thought "I surprised myself with my quick and decisive thinking. Perhaps I am rediscovering my creative talents. If that is the case I might find it strange as people expect me to fail."

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