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War zone dream

This dreamer was thinking about how to control his anger. The dream contains both images of violence and peace which clearly deal with this theme of anger management

THE DREAM - I was on a war zone, like Iraq or ya see in the movies. Buildings missing chunks. No one around. I was in a third person view. From what I could see there was a man holding two katanas. I thought it was me. He was looking in the distance. There I saw a figure in this green armor with a God like psyche like he had killed hundreds but it didn't bother him at all. Then the figure I thought was me called out "Brother why are you doing this we shouldn't be fighting". Then both readied their weapons and an explosion occurred with a blinding light and I woke up then.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a big believer in the martial arts from fist fights to swords with the need to follow the path of honor. He wishes to be a sniper or pilot because of the intensity. This belief in violence is balanced by a belief in guardian angels and guardian demons. He wishes to learn to use his anger as a last resort. He also believes that if hatred gives someone strength and love gives them more, then wouldn't using both give even more.

From the day this dream occurred he took his meditation further. He looked up everything from Chakra to Ki, from invoking archangels to calling on the guardian demon. He began to notice corruption that existed around him from Governments to religion.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can occasionally be linked to premonitions or telepathy. Yet more often their meanings are extremely mundane. That's true for many dreams that seem to be dreams of major importance. They are entirely internal. They show the inside workings of the mind. They link to how we store new ideas.

Often we have to ask which comes first the chicken or the egg. This dreamer had a dream which seemed to point him to a new path. It is easy to mistake this as some message fro a higher source. It is more likely that such dreams link to our own inner selves. They show us forming new insights during the night. The dreams we have merely reflect these new ideas as they emerge.

This dream was already trying to bring greater balance to his life. He wanted to add control to balance his own anger and ability to hurt. This dream merely intensified this.

The dream seems to play out the very values that were rising to such prominence within his mind. The dream was showing in the form of a little story the values that he was forming. That need for self control. That need for balance.

This interpretation does not really downplay the importance of the dreams meaning. This dream shows the dreamer exploring his own higher self. It shows a belief in ideas. Yet it is likely to be internal in origin. Not linked to premonitions or telepathy.

Symbolic Meanings
KATTANA : "The dreamers own sense of honor and interest in the martial arts"
LIGHT : "Light often links with new insights within us"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel this new urge to intensify my own need for balance. I want to control my anger and follow a true path of honor."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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