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My mother moaning dream

THE DREAM I dreamt that my mother (now deceased) was telling me I had bought more things that I could not sell. I had made all the same mistakes that I had made before. She was generally moaning on and being very negative.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been ill for several days and was getting very down about it.

DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams are metaphors for real life. They are something is like something else. In this case the dreamer was very ill and down. The dream seems to be showing his current state of mind, which was obviously very negative. His current illness reminded him of times when his mother had moaned on and told him of all his mistakes and shortcomings.

MISTAKES: "My illness is making me feel very nagative and down about myself. I am thinking only of my failures in life." MOANING: "I feel like I have been ill forever! This reminds me of all the times my mother moaned at me."

DREAM MEANING :Join together the symbolic meanings of the symbols above and the dream captures these thoughts "I have been ill for what seems like forever! I have no positive thoughts. I am in a constant cycle of negativity. Thinking about all my failings in life."

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