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Psychic dream of Japanese earthquake

THE DREAM I had several odd dreams Thursday morning, but this one obviously stands out. Unfortunately I wasn't taking notes at the time. What I clearly recall is a Yahoo "Top 10 Searched' with Japan Quake at the #1 position, the CNN live breaking news lower third with tsunami footage, and a newscaster saying "Mariana Trench".

GUESSWORK The dreamer heard the news on Friday evening and thought it was a mistake. He saw the live news on CNN last night at 11pm and told the person he was with that "this can't be right, that earthquake happened yesterday." All the TV visuals matched his dream, and the announcer said Mariana Trench when he was warning about tsunami arrival times.

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1. The dream seems a very literal representation of the disaster that hit the next day.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to be a premonition of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that hit the next day. This was the eighth most powerful earthquake on record.

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