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Little brothers voice - dream analysis

THE DREAM I am walking around a subway/train station and I keep hearing my name getting called by my lil brothers voice but I don't see him. So I keep searching for him. And I see my dad ex wife and her daughter. Right away I know she done something so I start to run in that direction and I keep hearing my name getting called than I see a pile of rocks and I go and start moving them. Then I find my lil brother lying there under the pile and he's dead.

THE REALITY The dreamer called up her father the next day and told him not to let her brother go back to his moms house. Since that moment he has been living with his dad. He is abused by his mom. He treats the dreamer as his mom because his real mom abuses him.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer sensed that her brother was being abused. Perhaps the dream featured some kind of telepathy. The actual symbols may link to the dreamer looking beneath the surface. After all the station is underground. So the dreamer was maybe able to sense that things were wrong.

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