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Upside down dream

THE DREAM One morning I woke up from a dream where I was in the Empire State Building and it flipped upside down. Everyone I work with (I worked in a major tv station in Toronto) was in my dream running around doing press releases. There were helicopters flying around. When I woke up, I told my husband that I dreamt the world turned upside down.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The next morning the dreamer went into work. She was busily occupied with her work when she found out about the 9-11 terrorist attack. Like everyone she felt as if the world had turned upside down.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Many people feel that they had premonitions of 9-11. These will all tend to differ slightly as dreams are metaphors. This dream seems a very powerful symbol with a skyscraper turning upside down. In one sense it was highly accurate as the top of the building suddenly collapsed and ended up in the position of the bottom. The dreamer felt that the upside down skyscraper was symbolic of the world being turned upside down by this act of terrorism.

The most telling part of the premonition seems to be with the news reporting. 9-11 was the biggest news event in history. The first plane hit giving just enough time for TV reporters to set up and then suddenly a second plane is televised live as it hits the second tower. The dream captures the frantic TV coverage.

The dream uses the Empire state building rather than the World trade Centre itself. Why would it do that? When people see the Empire State Building they think of America. The World Trade Centre was attacked because it was an iconic American building. So the dream is drawing attention to the fact that this was an attack on an American icon.

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