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Grandmother does stupid thing dream

THE DREAM I was in some kind of audience maybe watching something on stage or a game show. My grandma, who is 100 years old, suddenly started driving some vehicle or even a truck. I said "I cannot believe it" as she was doing something so stupid.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The next day the dreamer had agreed to go along with a friend whilst he was having radiation therapy. This friend was borderline autistic and tended to do stupid things. He was often very awkward and needed to do things his own way.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams use associations. You should look for little coincidences in dreams with reality. In real life the dreamer was due to be looking after someone the next day because he was getting cancer treatment. This friend might be totally incapacitated and helpless. The dream featured his 100 year old grandmother, who was totally housebound. So the coincidence here is that both the dream and real life featured someone who needed high levels of care.

The dreamers grandmother was most unlikely to do something stupid. She knew her limits and was always very cautious. His friend though was borderline autistic and the dreamer worried that he would be a terrible patient, and would probably end up doing something stupid.

So the dream is about the dreamers friend yet it features the dreamers grandmother. Why is this? Dreams use people to express thoughts. This dream seems to use the following metaphor "When my friend has treatment he will be as disabled and infirm as my grandmother". The dream then deals with this theme "my friend will be very disabled but will not know his own limits." (unlike his own grandmother)

So the dream dealt with a worst possible scenario. It catches this fear "I will be looking after my friend in hospital tomorrow. He can do some stupid things and may end up causing havoc."

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