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Scrubbing walls dream

THE DREAM - I am in a bathroom. Apparently a road accident had just taken place. I was scrubbing the walls.

THE REALITY The dreamer was worried about the day to come. He had just started to realize that the day was going to be very stressful. He was expecting a visit from his mother. He really have to tidy up. His home looked like a bomb had just hit it.

DREAM ANALYSIS Its important to see what is on a dreamers mind and then see how those symbols could express their current state of mind. Here the dreamers focus was not so much on events that had just happened he was thinking more about the day to come. He was firmly focused on the visit of his mother.

Sisters are very much symbols of emotions. Sisters tend to express their feelings openly and are extremely honest with every detail. Therefore they tend to link to situations involving emotional openness. Here the dreamer was in an emotionally quite lucid mood as he started to realize the sheer impact that his annoying mothers visit was to have.

Symbolic Meanings
ROAD ACCIDENT: "The dreamer was realizing what a serious situation lay ahead. The visit of his overbearing mother was just starting to hit home"
ROAD ACCIDENT: "the visit of his mother meant that the dreamers plans in other ways were seriously halted"
SCRUB WALLS: "the dreamers own need to tidy up"
SISTER : "Sisters link to emotional openness. They capture moments when you are realizing the full emotional impact that something will have"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mother is visiting tomorrow. She always stresses me out because she complains about how untidy I am and tells me off. I find it really stressful and am glad when she is gone. I was planning some serious progress in other ways but my mothers visit will halt all that"

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