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Parachute from helicopter - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was suspended by this helicopter. We were to be let free and parachute down somehow. It was New York or some big city

THE REALITY The dreamer was due to attend a big family occasion on the day to come. He was expected to take lots of photos, however he was feeling very unwell generally. His vision had been deteriorating recently and he did not feel up to the job.

In real life the dream seems to capture this exact feeling "I have to take photos tomorrow. I am very unwell and my eyesight is terrible. I only have one chance to get things right."

How could the symbols have relevance to this emotion?

One extremely relevant symbol is the parachute. Think of the following association: A parachutist only has one opportunity to get things right or its all over. In real life the dreamer only had one opportunity to get these photos right as it was a one off occasion.

New York also seems a highly relevant symbol. New York is full of bright lights and something is always happening there. In real life the dreamer was looking towards the party the next day (bright lights).

This dream may seem totally irrelevant yet it actually pinpointed some key emotions for the day to come. Often if we are worried about the day to come we will dream about it. If an important occasion takes place the next day then we will often dream about it. Our mind is focusing its attention on what will happen. We maybe imagining how things may go wrong or fantasising about how well things will turn out.

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