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A tornado dream on a beach

THE DREAM I dreamt I was on a beach. I was there to lay in the sun and relax, but the beach I was on was dark and cloudy. I could see in the far distance that the beach across the bay was sunny and peaceful. So I started the long walk to get to the other side. I noticed that some of the people had the same idea. So there we all are walking across the beach. The sand was dry and fluffy and really hard to walk through. I started to think that maybe it wasn't a good idea to walk this far, but feeling like it was too late to turn back, when all of a sudden two tornadoes come out of the sky. One of the tornadoes is pretty steady. it's hovering out in the bay and doesn't seem threatening at all. The other tornado is spinning franticly, it's darker in color and is heading right for us. Of course we all start running away, but the sand is making it exhausting. (This is where the dream ended the first two times)

Dream continued....the third time.

I'm trying my hardest to make it out of the sand. I looked up and saw a beach house ahead. "I think I can make it" I tell myself. The adrenalin kicks in and I'm digging my heels, toes, and hands into the sand. Sand is flying everywhere! I realize that it's not from me though I can feel the wind from the crazy tornado. I reach the house, but it's locked and all boarded up. I'm looking around for some where to hide. Out of the sand comes three people. I tell them it's locked and there's no way in. One of the men in the group points to the ground. "Under the porch!" He yells. We all dive under the porch. We are military crawling underneath the house. Just when we make it to the the middle the tornado hits. I can feel it tearing chunks from the house, but the foundations seem to be holding on strong. We are waiting for it to pass, but it just hovers over the house. The vibrations and the roaring from the tornado seem to be saying something. There is a voice in the tornado! It is so loud it is very hard to hear what it's saying. I finally realize what it's saying, but so do the other people.

"I want you and only you! Lindsey!"

I looked at these people in disbelief. I decided to surrender myself to the tornado. Crawled out from underneath the house. The tornado consumed me. I flew up into the air only to find clear skies and a peacefulness come over me. I looked down to the beach. It was sunny as well. Then I woke up!

THE REALITY The dreamers was a stay at home mom with two children under three. The eldest has ADHD and causes destruction where ever she goes. She clings onto her mother ever since her father left to serve his first tour in the army. The dreamer had the dream three times. They begun around the time she booked some tickets to return to America from Afghanistan. She was dreading the flight with two children under three.

THE INTERPRETATION With dream symbols like tornadoes its best for the dreamer to ask themselves what the tornado represents in the dream. What or who is tornado like? What situation is as stressful or chaotic as that. This dreamer had a clear idea what her dream meant. She had two children both under the age of three. They are often tornado like. This was especially the case since her husband left on his tour of duty in Afghanistan. She virtually became a single parent overnight. She was unable to relax.

The dreamer was even able to say which tornado was which. The first tornado was more predictable and represented her one year old. The second tornado was more destructive and represented her two year old who was more difficult to cope with as she has ADHD.

Often interpreting dreams is about testing out various little theories. In this case its reasonable to assume that the two tornadoes do represent her two children. Then we look for more links. In this dream there is a very good link. The tornado speaks to the dreamer saying ". I want you and only you! Lindsey". These words were something that her two year old would say. She had recently become very clingy since her father had left on his tour of duty. Given a link like that we can say quite conclusively that this dream is indeed about her two "tornado like" children.

Dreams can be very specific. This dreamer was able to link this dream especially to her flight home to america. This was a fifteen hour flight which would obviously be very chaotic with two children under the age of three. The dreams began around the time she booked the flight.

What exactly do the dreams mean? We maybe able to gauge what thoughts have been going through the dreamers head concerning this issue. At one point she is with the military. This probably represents her wish to act in a bold way in trying to prepare for the tornado. Yet later she just gives in. Looking at how these symbols react we see how she is feeling. Perhaps she wants to prepare for this flight and try to do the best that she can to control things. Yet it seems that she is aware that whatever she does its going to be a nightmare and the tornado will win - consuming her. Many dreams are about how we try to form a stategy. In this dream the dreamer perhaps has realised that whatever she does it will probably fail. Two children on a plane for fifteen hours will be difficult.

Many people feel incorrectly that dreams represent advice. That's not really the case. Dreams represent our thoughts. Our thoughts tend to simply assess a problem. Here the dreamer has made an assessment about the coming flight home. Yet she has concluded that whatever she does it will still be a nightmare.

Symbolic Meanings
FIRST TORNADO : Representing the dreamers one year old child.
SECOND TORNADO : More chaotic and destructive - representing the dreamers less predictable child who has been diagnosed ADHD.
MILITARY : The dreamer is trying to be as disciplined and prepared as she can - she is thinking out what is the best approach to this oncoming problem.
TORNADO SPEAKS : The tornado talks just like her two year old. She is very clingy.
GIVING INTO TORNADO : The dreamer wants to prepare for the chaotic flight home yet feels she will just have to give in to her children. Whatever she does it will be a nightmare.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have booked tickets to return home. But I am absolutely dreading the flight. I do not know what I can do - my two kids will cause havoc."

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