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Dream interpretation - Pearl harbour

This dream was about Pearl harbour - where the Japanese bombed the American fleet. The dreamer had to think of the relevance of this historical situation to his life. He thought of a situation where he had confronted some friends and after that there was no going back.

THE DREAM I was in some kind of submarine or battleship. I was attacking some kind of harbour - it kind of reminded me of the attack on Pearl Harbour. I was sinking over ten ships all in one go. It seemed to be a totally unprovoked attack. People were just going about their daily business and were not expecting an attack. I was very ruthless and thorough in sinking all of them. I was thinking about the right strategy to allow me to attack them all without being attacked. Earlier in the dream there was something about Manchester United the soccer team.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just fallen out with a group of friends. He had acted in a way which would make it impossible for them to continue being friends. There had been some tension between them but this could have been sorted out. Instead he just cut them off in an extremely ruthless way.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream features Pearl Harbour - a ruthless attack on the USA by the Japanese which brought the Americans into World War Two. This incident was an excellent metaphor for the dreamers own behaviour. He had just acted in a pre-emptive way by cutting off some friends. By cutting them off in such a ruthless way he gave them little choice and little option. The dream shows him accepting that the loss of these friends was entirely down to his own behaviour. He had provoked this without any good reason. There had been differences between them but they could easily have been sorted out.

Overall the dream captures this feeling - "There was some tension between me and my former friends. But it could easily have been sorted out. What I did was declare war in a most ruthless way. I can be like that - just cutting myself off. I did not really give them any option - they were forced into this confrontation."

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