****dream@ ****dicts@ $$$$College: $$$$Stuck: In one dream the dreamer was stuck on a staircase. In real life he had not turned up for a meeting where he was due to take some photos. This would mean that any future meetings would be difficult with this person from now on. Sothe dreamer was stuck with this situation. $$$$Forwards: $$$$Backwards: $$$$Camera: ****dicts@ ****fscore@4 ****fscore@****fgroup@nextday****fgroup@ "/>

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Stuck dream

THE DREAM I was in this college I used to go to about twenty years ago. I was walking about - it was a huge college. There seemed to be something to do with cameras - I had left a camera or something. Then I went down this staircase at some point I got stuck. There was absolutely no way I could get back and I could not go forward.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had arranged to take some photos for someone but did not really want to. He felt nervous around this person and a little intimidated. He ended up not turning up and so any future meetings between the two of them would be very awkward. The dreamer was likely to do bump into this person and so was watching out so he could avoid him.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams will often give no hint as to the situation which has triggered the dream. This dream does give one hint as the dream featured a camera. This was a big clue as the dreamer was thinking about a awkward situation caused because he had not turned up to take some photos. The fact that this dream features a camera is the kind of clue that dreams drop.

So we can guess that the dream is about the awkward situation connected with not taking these photos. What is the meaning of the dream? In the dream the man is stuck as he can neither move forward or back. Thisis obviously a metaphor for this situation. It's probable that the dream catches this exact feeling "There is no going back now. I did not turn up and it's obvious that I have snubbed him. I will simply have to live with the consequences."

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