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Dream interpretation - Eldorado

Often dream symbols seem ridiculous and irrelevant yet they tap into reality in extraordinary ways. In this Eldorado could symbolise the dreamers tendency to get carried away - looking for some mythical paradise.

THE DREAM I was being shown a photograph of the seafront. It was an amazing photo of a view I had never seen. It was a beautiful photo which was well lit up looking like a work of art. I was wondering how it could have been taken. I first of all could not think of the location. It was a photo of the seafront. I could see this river on one side and the sea on the other side of the seafront road. This was a magical view and in the dream felt like Eldorado or some other mythical place.

Later I am on this river bank. I was probably trying to look for where this photo was taken and copy it. I got that feeling in the dream. I was getting excited but also was thinking that others would copy the same idea. I was trying to find a good position to look down on this magical spot. I am first on one side of the bank then the other. I decided to look down upon the scene from this children's play area. A child said that he wanted to play there but I didn't care. Then I said that I couldn't see anyway so left.

I was then heading up the valley. This is near the seafront. Thinking about this dream the first part features an almost mythical river that cannot exist. The valley in question (its called the Valley in real life) is a valley but does not contain a river.

In this valley there was Robbie Williams. He had taken out a civil court case and a judge had decided against him. He could not believe that anyone would dare side against him - he was after all an important celebrity. He seemed like a celebrity whose sense of self importance had got completely out of control. He seemed furious at the judge who had this immense power over him.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just lost his job. He thought he was essential to the company and was really shocked that they would let him go. He was also a keen photographer and the feeling of excitement in the dream reminded him of his tendency to get passionate and excited about things - even obsessive. Being unemployed he was trying to fill in his time doing some artwork and photography. He did have a tendency to get carried away with personal projects and hobbies. He often did have this feeling of searching for Eldorado - getting carried away about some mythical goal. He was a very passionate person in general.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The clearest association with this dream is the celebrity who loses his case. The dream has a clear parallel to reality in that the dreamer felt that same sense of self importance and could not believe that he would ever lose his job. In the dream the celebrity hates the judge having power over him. That's a classic meaning of judges in dreams. The dreamer likewise hated his employers having such power over him to take away his job.

The dreamer also made an association with the photograph. He had a tendency to get carried away in real life. He described himself as passionate and even obsessive about many things. It was part of his personality. Having recently lost his job he had a new opportunity to spend time on his hobbies - if just to occupy himself.

Overall the dream captures this following exact feeling - "I could not believe it when they fired me. I thought I was important and that they would not ever dare fire me. Since then I have been trying to stay positive and passionate. I am trying to keep myself occupied with hobbies."

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