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Babies and a gun

This dream features two babies and a gun. It was an excellent metaphor for the dreamers worries about moving in with her boyfriend. The two babies were symbols for their immaturity and the gun was linked to her fear that something silly might occur.

THE DREAM I was in a house. There were two babies there and a gun.


The dreamer was thinking of moving in with her boyfriend. They were both working from home so this could cause a lot of tension. Neither were particularly responsible either and they could both have tantrums.

The dream featured the following associations and symbolic meanings
1. BABIES: The dreamer was about to move in with her long term boyfriend. She was afraid that they might not get along together. The dream could easily be a metaphor for them. Two babies together can cause a lot of noise and are a lot to handle. The dreamer was worried that living together might bring out the worst in each other. They might end up like two screaming babies.
2. GUN: Babies are not really responsible enough to have guns. So gun loose could represent the dangers of the dreamer moving in with her boyfriend. It may end up really badly - you can get all sorts of problems if you leave a gun with children.

The dream featured the following themes
- Dangerous confrontation
- Two immature people

If you weave together the different symbolic meanings and relate it to problems which were on the dreamers mind you will find that the dream captured this thought - "I am a bit worried about moving in with my boyfriend. Neither of us are very responsible and we can act quite immaturely. I am just worried that silly arguments might get out of hand."

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