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Dream - wanting a strawberry cake

People translate dreams in simplistic ways. Yes cakes are treats and so cake dreams will link to any treat. However, think of how many contexts in which you use the word treat.... "I treated her", "she did not think that present was a treat" and more complex meanings like "I am serious about my studies at the moment and I am refusing all treats so I can concentrate on my work"
THE DREAM Everyone was trying to feed me cakes and I said no to all of them. The last one was a strawberry short cake, it looked so good and I wanted it but I still said no.

THE REALITY The dreamer said "I am thinking about the future - its all I can think about"

THE INTERPRETATION Cakes are symbols of self indulgence and things that make you feel good. However, they are also symbolic of things that make you feel good only in the short term. They are not wholesome foods they merely comfort you. In this way if the dreamer is saying no to such food it shows that she is thinking more in the long term. Young people constantly feel under pressure to enjoy life and feel good right now. It is much more difficult to work hard and plan for the future.

Symbolic Meanings
CAKE : "indulge in short term desires - the dreamer is not interested in the short term pleasures of life as her mind is set on deeper issues surrounding her life and future career"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I cannot involve myself in simple pleasures right now. I am thinking too much about the future. I need to decide what I want to do with my life"

See how the symbolic meanings represent the dreamers state of mind at the time of the dream

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