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My boyfriend is cheating on me

DREAM - My boyfriend is cheating on me I found out he was chatting on Skype with somebody , I found out that he was keeping a secret ,& I left feeling so much pain of being cheated,&I'm pregnant,& he doesn't care if I leave his best friend humiliated me too,but the rest of them feel pity on me & didn't do anything,I found myself with my old friends &they stand next to me ,& we went for a ride in a bus to go away ,but at the last moment I remember my ex & I thought of talking to him cos in my dreams he was mad at me in the past

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Guesswork:The previous night the dreamer had a conversation with her boyfriend about another girl. His answers did not make sense and she became suspicious.

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1. BOYFRIEND: The dream featured the dreamers boyfriend - a dream about your boyfriend will most often be about that person. Its likely that the dream represents some key thought - so try to think what key thoughts have been going through your mind. Write down a quote expressing a key feeling right now - something that's on the tip of your tongue. Its likely that the dream is about that very thought or something very close to it. Its just hidden in symbolism.
2. CHEATING: In the dream the dreamer feels humiliated and cheated on. This shows that the dreamer has her suspicions - she asked some questions of her boyfriend and he gave answers that did not make sense. Therefore she could not trust what he says. In such cases its quite logical to go one step further - if you cannot trust what someone says then its likely that they are cheating. That's not always going to be true - but you cannot blame someone for coming to that conclusion. What's true is that the dreamer needs answers before she is going to really trust her boyfriend again. Unless she receives answers the relationship will never be truly viable.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream links to the following themes
- Feeling humiliated
- Her boyfriend cheating

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I do not believe what my boyfriend said. His answers make no sense. I am starting to feel as if he has cheated. Unless I get some proper answers I will never trust him "

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