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Good students misbehave - dream interpretation

Think how a dream portrays key conceptual thoughts right now - eg this dream features children misbehaving and the dream could tap into thoughts like "my children are not very well behaved - they seem to be winding down for the end of term."

THE DREAM I was in my classroom and my students were behaving very badly. It seems that nothing that I did would settle them down. Even one of my really well behaved students would misbehave even after losing his recess. I looked around for discipline slips but could not find any. Finally, I said to him that I would have to call the principal. I called him and he said that he would be down to my room. Before he came though, a severe storm struck the area. The roof was blown off the building then it was blown apart. We were now outside and getting the children ready to go home. One of the boy's shoes was filled with water and he was barefoot, so I offered him mine to take. The radio announcer kept stating the schools would be let out early.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and was very unhappy with the situation at school. The school seemed to be winding down during the end of the summer term.

DREAMINTERPRETATION The dreamer was a school teacher. His dreams often feature schools and so each dream will probably link to some doubts within his mind. The dream catches a sense that something odd is happening. When the good children start to misbehave we obviously take note. Yet in the dream the school and the principal seem to be the ones encouraging and reinforcing this mood.

The dream probably links then to the dream realising that it is he who is out of step. All the students and the other teachers are winding down towards the end of the term.

Symbolic Meanings
GOOD STUDENTS MISBEHAVE : "bad behavior from good students is something to take note of"
RADIO : "The signals being sent out by the school"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been upset at the attitude of my students. Yet the truth probably is that the rest of the school is winding down during this summer term whilst I wish to keep moving."

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