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Going happily downhill dream

If you are going downhill you are generally having a much more easier time than going uphill. A dream about going downhill uses this metaphor and it could be your minds way of saying "I had an easy time of it yesterday"

THE DREAM I am on a bus. It was chuntering along going downhill. In it was a man who said "I thought it was going to be much worse than it was".

THE REALITY When the dreamer woke up he thought of a couple of people he had met that previous day. He had a stress free day the day before the dream. At the time he realised this - this had been the first stress free day for a while. He had a lot of problems and stress because of the actions of others.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a very stress free day the day before the dream. I met a couple of people and had a good chat. Everywhere I went I had a stress free day. This had followed several stressful days."

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will often relate to simple things. If we come to a conclusion on something then its possible that we have a dream about it. For instance if the previous day you suddenly think to yourself what a good day its been then its possible to have a dream about that.

Buses will link to other people and we had a good clue to what this dream meant. When the dreamer woke up he thought about the previous days events. This was immediately after the dream and it was as if they were part of the dream. This is not uncommon with people who are learning to interpret their dreams. If you think about something immediately after waking its possible that the dream is about the events that link to them.

The dream marked a little turning point for the dreamer. He had realised that for the first time in a while he had had a stress free day.

Symbolic Meanings
BUS : "the emotions of other people and how they affect us during the course of the previous day"

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