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Plane crashes in jungle - dream analysed

Try to see how dreams use symbols to portray quite abstract ideas - the missile in this dream represents the dreamers mother and her opposition to the dreamers chosen career path (she could explode the dreamers ambitions).

THE DREAM I was flying in a gyroscopic manner around lower Manhattan only it wasn't really lower Manhattan but somehow all the architecture (pre-9/11) was morphed with Egyptian block sculpture (though the figures in my dream had more movement to them than the original works of stone) of the Ramses III period. For example some buildings had half a statue coming out of the side of the uppermost half structure. As I was flying around the buildings becoming sickened by the spinning I began to wonder how the structures were created and believed they were simulated with computer software as I did not see a reflection of myself and the camera in the glass.

I landed and became enraptured with a dark feline, normal house cat, I followed the animal while my mother called for me. I found another cat and it was a small, very unnaturally small kitten almost but more adult in its physicality, which was a dark gray and black tabby hiding behind some type of foliage. At this point I called for the animal which came warily to me and found it accepting my kindness and allowed me carry it into my room. I wrapped the animal in a T-shirt and left it to sleep on my bed. As I went out into the hall way and began to walk down the stairs I heard my mother again. When I turned around I noticed there were two ant trails in my house, one originating in my bed room and the other from the attic. I called my mother over who had a hard time seeing them, after several attempts she saw the trails which had a sheen to them but not the ants walking along them, for they scared easily if you took notice of them. She found them unimportant and I went back into my room to show her the cat, which she was equally unimpressed by. As I walked out into the hall again I saw the ants moving down their paths and tried to startle them in my frustration. They scattered easily when I jumped at them but when my mother walked over them she did not see them and they were crushed and some killed but the rest continued on their way as if nothing happened.

As I began to wake up my dream shifted to a plane ride over Bogota, we were hit by a missile and were going down over the jungle, I found no one else on the plane acting and made my way to the cock pit where I took control over the wheel and at that point several scenarios played out: 1) I do not know what I am doing and make things worse, or 2) I don't know what I am doing but innately am in tune with the world and bumpily guide the plane to a very rough dangerous landing though many people survive, in two scenarios I am one and in another scenario I am not. I woke up thinking I want to learn how to fly a plane.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just graduated from "art college". She was due to fly to South America soon. Career wise the dreamer felt pressures from parents to be corporate minded and professional. The dreamer was more interested in finding her true vocation in the arts. She was not quite certain in which direction to take in the arts - fashion, fine arts, performance art, or creative writing.

THE INTERPRETATION Planes are often symbols of our hopes and ambitions. In this case there was an obvious issue in the dreamers life which involved her hopes and ambitions. She wanted to forge her own career and pursue a course of education which was of her own choosing. Yet her mother was quite against this. She wanted her to follow a more traditional course which was more commercial. Its worth assuming that the dream could link with this and then trying to see how other symbols may fit this issue.

The ants appear in the dream and they are often symbolic of conformity and a need to fit in with what is expected. That's certainly a theme as far as this issue is concerned. The dreamer feels pressured to conform to what society expects. Her mother is pressuring her to take a traditional line.

In the dream she wants to learn how to fly a plane. That shows how she wishes to take control and pilot her own life. She wants to choose her own path and not simply fit in with what her mother wants.

Symbolic Meanings
ANTS : "conformity - in this case a need to follow an education path that will be commercial - also which conforms to her mothers wishes and societies expectations"
CAMERA : "the situation as it stands now"
FLY : "wanting to do something quickly - put ambitions into practice"
MISSILE : "the dreamers hopes and wishes are shot down by her mothers decision"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mother wants me to take a very conservative career path. I want to go my own way and do what I want. But my choices are less commercial than hers. I am under a lot of pressure to do what she wants"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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