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Cold water - dream symbolism

THE DREAM - I am in Newcastle. I seem to be in some kind of underground subway. Its full of water (up to my chest). Its really cold. The dream reminded me of the film Titanic where they are wading through icy waters in the sinking ship.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been getting a lot of pain recently. It seemed to have become something permanent.

THE INTERPRETATION Newcastle and any town or city beginning with 'New' could easily be a play on words. It could be an indicator of some new situation or feeling in your life. Often we wake up and start to think that things have changed for good. In such cases the 'Newcastle' or 'New York' dream could be about this permanent change in your life. So look for something that fits this type of 'new' feeling. In this case the dreamer had woke up and felt really gloomy about the future because he seemed to be getting constant pain and tiredness. So in some way the dream could be about these constant tiredness feelings.

The rest of the dream seems to seem consistent with that same issue. Cold water is often symbolic of us feeling unhappy - warm symbolises warm emotions like happiness. Titanic also seems to tap into the same emotions - it captures the dreamers sinking feeling as his illness worsened.

Symbolic Meanings
COLD : "I feel miserable and I cannot do so much because I am tired"
NEWCASTLE : "This feeling is quite New(a wordplay on Newcastle)"
TITANIC : "My health is worsening - I have that sinking feeling"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I seem to be getting permanent pain. This is all new to me - I am feeling very down and unhappy. I like to get out and do things"

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