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Dream interpretation - a double dinner in hospital

THE DREAM I was in hospital. I had a double dinner in front of me. I was sat in bed and not moving at all. I did not have to move at all. All of my food was being brought to me (like a servant).

THE REALITY The day of the dream the dreamer was going to get onto the internet for the first time. He used the internet quite a lot and previously had depended on local internet cafs and libraries.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are about the things in your head. The most common cause of dreams is things which happen the day before as we think back over what has just happened. But sometimes our minds are focused more on the day ahead. If this is the case then try to see how a dream could represent the next day. In this case the dreamer was looking forward to the day ahead as he was going to get onto the internet at home for the first time. This was a big event since he used the internet a lot. How could this dream represent this real life situation?

Well normally the dreamer would use the internet just once a day. Now he could have a double helpings. He used the internet in the afternoon and at night time.

In the dream there is a big emphasis on him not moving. This represented the fact that he did not have to move to get to the internet as the internet would come to him(it was now in his own house).

Symbolic Meanings
FOOD : "The dreamers main interests on the internet - feeding his mind"
HOSPITAL : "Something that makes your life better"
NOT MOVING : " This emphasized how the dreamer did not have to move to use the internet. It was there in his house. "
TWO DINNERS : " The dreamer would normally use the internet once in any day. But now he was getting a double dose. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to get onto the internet tomorrow. I will be able to sit on my bed and use my laptop rather than go all the way down to the internet cafe. I will be able to get a double helping(I will use it in the afternoon and evening). It will make my life much better."

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