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Dangerous sexual attraction - dream analysis

THE DREAM I dreamt of a very very ugly alien, exactly like the alien in the ALIENS movies. This alien was dangerous but at the same time had a little bit of sex appeal he was sleeping with a person I know and the feeling I had in the dream was a little bit of fear and a little bit of attraction.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently engaged in homosexual behaviour. For the first time he had feelings for a man. This is completely new in his life, because he did not consider himself a homosexual. These feelings were alien to what he had always believed about himself.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about new things in our lives. They show us adapting to new ways and thinking about the changing world we live in. Often a dream will be triggered by some big event. Here there is a very big event. This issue is likely to be triggering many dreams at around this time.

Aliens are perhaps easy to understand in this dream. What would you feel if you saw a real life alien? This would be a strange event and you would be seeing something for the very first time. You would have nothing to compare to this. That's exactly what the dreamer feels here. Its a strange new world he is entering. Dreams do this. They simply clarify exactly how we feel at the moment. Dreams therefore represent some new insight into our reality.

Symbolic Meanings
ALIEN : "something new and alien to the dreamer. A new sexual attraction towards men that was really quite unexpected."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "These new feelings I have about this man are strange to me. I have never engaged in homosexual activity and its taking a bit of getting used to."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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