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Tornado Dream

THE DREAM It was a clear beautiful day I was at my grandfathers house and there was a warning for tornadoes near the house my mom had left somewhere so I was stuck at his house. We went in the basement and the sky started to get very black and dark. My grandpa told me to hold on to something and I did the tornado came and picked up the house I could feel us going in the air I could feel my ears popping and I could feel my Oxygen getting cut off. A few moments later the tornadoes gone and the house was Fine. Then my grandpa says I know your not expecting it but theres going to be changes in this World. Then it switched to a different dream...

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Recently moved out of state away from family. Worried about family. Stressed out.

Posted at January 7, 2012, 07:06 by amber093

Unclesirbobby (POSTED January 7, 2012, 12: 6: 45)
Dreams are about your FEELINGS not the facts of your life. So this dream replays your main worry ... about your family. The dream works on the following symbolic meanings

TORNADO: Your worry that something bad is happening to your family

GRANDFATHER: This links the dream to your family. It shows its about the family

GRANDFATHER PROTECTS YOU: This probably refers to the worries you have about your family being unfounded.

GRANDFATHER MENTIONS CHANGE: This probably refers to the changes in your life. Tornadoes represent stress.

Actually dreams use symbolic meanings to form quite complex meanings. The dreams use symbols to store complex intuitive thoughts. Your dream then builds up into something like this

"I have been stressed out about my family but they will probably be OK. I am probably worrying more about myself"

So the dream is about your feelings

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