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Cleaning up blood after doctors appointment

THE DREAM I dreamt that both my sister and I were pregnant. We had just come from a doctor's visit and had our complementary diaper bags with prenatal vitamins and formula samples inside. I was looking through her bag and ooo-ing and aah-ing. Then I heard a noise like a small motor. I turned to look at her and she had a small hand held device. I didn't know what it was. But she inserted it and induced an abortion. There was quite a bit of blood. She started crying and left. I assumed she went to the bathroom. I started crying too. And I kept on crying as I was cleaning up the blood. I was cleaning up the blood with a dirty rag. And I didn't actually clean any of it up so much as I just kept moving in around and around. Some of it was sopped up but most of it remained. While I was cleaning it up, I kept asking myself questions. Like "why would she do that?" "why did she do it in front of me?", "Why didn't she terminate the pregnancy while we were at the doctor's appointment?", "should I take her to the hospital?" and a few others I can't remember. I know I was cleaning up blood for quite a while.

THE REALITY The dreamer and her sister were both experiencing roughly the same things. They had both experienced a breakdown in relationships. Her sister was probably starting to do something about this. The dreamer on the other hand has not filed for divorce and is still living in the same house as her husband.

THE INTERPRETATION Often sisters are symbols of openness to new ideas and emotions. Perhaps the sister represents the identical situations that they are in. The dreamer has opened herself up to feeling the same experiences as her sister. They are very much on an identical path. Yet in accepting the end of her relationship then dreamer has now done nothing about it. That is why in the dream the blood is not really been mopped up. It is simply been moved around and around. The dreamer knows what is needed and that is a complete break.

So it is unlikely that the dreamer harbors any animosity towards her sister. It simply represents how she has opened herself up to all this hurt and done nothing about it.

Babies in dream represent new situations and feelings that have been born into the dreamers life. In this case that would obviously symbolise her divorce. That is a new project.

The dream is quite difficult. In some ways this dream is tricky as it may have two equally plausible meanings. The dream could easily be about her own sister. She was going through a messy divorce and does something to stress her out every day. But the gut feeling here is that the dream is about the dreamers own situation.

Overall the dream captures this feeling - "Both me and my sister both experienced a break down in relationships at the same time. But she has made much further progress in improving her situation".

Symbolic Meanings
ABORTION : "That fresh new course she was giving birth to in her life has now been aborted. She is continuing on with an unhealthy marriage"
APPOINTMENT : "a deadline for something - a need to continue with her own self improvement"
BLOOD : "injured feelings linked to her marriage"
CLEAN : "self improvement - cleaning up your life"
DOCTOR : "issues about her own well being linked to an unhealthy marriage"
FORMULA : "the course of action required / the best solution"
HOSPITAL : "taking some action to improve the health of her situation"
PREGNANT : "a new phase in her life - a wish to move on from a bad marriage"
VITAMINS : "attention to detail - a healthy lifestyle in all senses - a happy marriage and life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Me and my sister have both split from our husbands. But now she seems to be moving on in a much more positive way than me. I have not really made much progress"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers situation

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