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President Lincolns precognitive dream of his own death

PRECOGNITIVE DREAM I dreamt of hearing people cry. I walked through the Whitehouse seeing no one but hearing the sounds of mourners. I came across a room where a funeral was taking place. I demanded to know whose funeral it was. A guard told me it was the funeral of the president. I was woken by the piercing cries of the mourners.

THE REALITY This was the dream of President Lincoln shortly before he was assassinated.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its easy to spot a premonition after the event. This dream apparently predicted President Lincoln's death by assassination shortly afterwards. Of course you cannot verify any dreams true cause. You can only speculate. Remember though that there were numerous possible dream interpretations of a death dream. He may just have had this dream if he had been thinking about his emotional impact on the American people. What better a way to see how much people care about you - to see them mourn deeply at your own funeral. It may easily have been a warning dream - reminding Lincoln of his enemies. But it seems best to record this dream as a premonition.

Dream dictionary meanings
MOURNERS : "The dreamer has foreseen his own death"

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